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Be the only cabin covered in snow!

SnowBNB is a permanently installed snow making system that allows cabin owners to give the gift of snow to their guest! When temperatures are right, your SnowBNB machine will automatically kick on & generate resort quality snow! Our WiFi enabled device, gives owners total automation over the equipment.



Enhance your guests' experience instantly with SnowBnB. Our beta testing has shown that short-term rental owners can achieve a 50%-75% increase in winter bookings by offering the unique amenity of snow. This innovative feature attracts more guests and sets your property apart, providing a memorable stay and boosting your rental income.

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SnowBnB units offer a seamless, hands-off operation for property owners, comparable to the sophisticated systems used by large ski resorts. Powered by our mobile application and web server, these units require only a one-time setup to ensure continuous and effortless access. Owners can configure the unit through the mobile app to operate according to their preferences for optimal performance, or rely on the default settings.

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iCAL Intergrated

SnowBnB integrates with iCal, providing owners with seamless connectivity to their booking calendars. This integration ensures an automated snowmaking experience timed perfectly for guest visits, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Owners can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that snow production will be handled effortlessly, reducing stress and simplifying property management.


Enhance Your Short-Term Rental with Resort-Quality Snow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Snow Does it Make?

The SnowBNB System converts 3.5 gallons of water to snow every minute. The snow will covers an area of 40 feet by 15 feet with up to  8 inches of ski resort quality snow produced per hour.

What Maintenance & Upkeep is Required?

The Snowbnb Machine is made with commercial grade products that will allow your machine to last the test of time. Limited maintenance is needed. We recommend  for bi yearly check-ups.

How much does the SnowBnB system cost?

The SnowBnB system retails at $12,000.

How much water does the machine consume?

The SnowBNB system uses 75% less water per minute than a garden hose. Our system uses 3.5 gallons of water per minute.

Does it make REAL snow?

Absolutely! SnowBnB produces resort-quality snow using only water and cold, humid air.

When can I order a SnowBnb System?

We will  be accepting orders in Fall of 2024 for immediatle installation

How much power does the machine consume?

On average your SnowBNB system will use 2500 watts less than you hot tub.

How does Snowbnb get installed at my property?

SnowBnB collaborates with local licensed and insured electricians and plumbers, ensuring they meet our stringent vetting criteria. Our team will assess your property to determine the optimal placement for both the unit and the snowhead. Our installation team will then position the unit, coordinating with the electricians and plumbers to connect the necessary utilities.

How long does it take to get the system  installed?

 Installation time varies. The system will ship within about 2-3 weeks of purchase.

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